BTS’ Sweet & Heartwarming Wishes For JungKook’s 2021 Birthday Will Give You The Feels

“BTS JungKook’s birthday always officially starts with the members wishing him happy birthday. This year was no different, Jin wished JungKook a happy birthday on Weverse saying he could not wait for him to finish his VLive to wish him a happy birthday, so he left him a cute message instead. SUGA, RM and Jimin posted sweet messages and shared pictures on them together. The world has watched JungKook grow from a boy into the incredible talented man that he has become and I am sure his Hyungs are proud of him. So I decided to add their debut photos with each member wishing his a happy birthday to celebrate the milestone that is adding another year to his life. The 6 members have always been there for him and JungKook has always been grateful for their support, love and sometimes scolding.

Happy Birthday JungKook!


JungKook and Jin


JungKook and j-hope

Let’s stay healthy always our Jungkooking #HappyBirthdayJungkook #Jakae

“the birthday of my beloved* makdoongsseu” #HappyJungkookDay #jaykay


JungKook and Jimin

“Our Maknae (youngest), Happy birthday to you, lots of congratulations!” #KookieHBD #JIMIN #HAPPYJKDAY


JungKook and SUGA

“Happy birthday to 15-year-old Jungkook, now 25-year-old Jungkook” #JungkookHBD #ItsSugahyung #YouAreAnAdult #TimeIsHu


JungKook and RM


“*Because Jungkook said RM is making a speech like a principal at their concert on Vlive today” translated by Soo Choi

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