BTS JungKook’s Fan Donates ₩2.5 Million ($ 2,157) To An Animal Shelter To Celebrate JungKook’s Birthday

“Korean Welfare Association revealed that a fan donated ₩2.5 Million (approximately $2157 to the organization to celebrate JungKook’s birthday. The donation is said to be used to build their second protection center for abused and abandoned animals. The organization also revelaes that the donor’s name would be engraved on the building as a sign of gratitude.

In a twitter post the organization stated,

“A fan of BTS JungKook sponsored JungKook’s birthday (September 1) with 2.5 million won for the construction of the second On Center. As the second fan club sponsor who participated in the construction of the 2nd On Center, your name will be engraved on the 2nd On Center protection space and donor wall” Korean Welfare Association

JungKook and all of BTS members have inspired the spirit of giving and it is truly inspiring that people give of themselves whether it be time or resources to help the vulnerable in society whether its people or animals. We are proud of idols who touches the lives of others and in turn they stretch a hand to those in need.

Even though this is a high amount, it was not the first donation as there have been donations to the shelter for JungKook’s birthday and even RM’ birthday. The donations were made in the amounts of ₩265K, ₩150K, ₩109.1K and ₩1.09M from various individuals

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