Our Favourite Funny & Unforgettable Moments From BTS’ RUN BTS! Episode 150

“ARMY’s healing is what RUN BTS! Episodes brings every tuesday to our homes. This week’s episode was titled “War of Money, Hotel Staycation” the episode had moments that are typical of every RUN episode, beautifil chaos, competitiveness, joining forces even though they are competing against each other, the ignoring of personal space, surprised looks and the typical ship moments. In this episode JungKook once again proves why he’s the main vocalist by reciprocating the melody of the bells and getting it in one go.

j-hope and V proved that team work works, BTS were surprised at the price of the menu for the hotel, we got a mini Jin’s abs cameo and BTS proved once again why they can never be separated. Each member had to stay in their own individual rooms but they ended up in Jin’s room. We also got a flash back of JungKook’s “i know movie name but i don’t know actor” moment and RM’s freaking out face. Overall the best episode yet and its still part 1 so looking foward to part 2 for more bangtannies cute, funny moments. Here are this week’s unforgetabble moments

Jimin could not understand why people feel the need to use slang

Bangtanies “what is personal space” saga continues

j-hope’s fight with the ball

j-hope being extra!

Taejinmin moment

BTS forgetting they are billionaires agenda

Jungkook’s smirk is always addictive

V doing backflips on the bed

Two peas in a pod Jikook

Namjoon’s expression here

JungKook’s the “i know” but “i don’t know” face

Just effortlessly cool Yoongi

They are magnets to each other, can’t survive staying in their own room for just a second

Jungkook’ bye y’all moment

JungKook’ eyebrow piercing debut on RUN BTS

Save Taehyung from the ball

Jin’s abs cameo

The almost j-hope abs reveal 😭

Vmin soulmate moment

BTS shook reaction to JungKook’s legendary melody hearing ability

Jimin calling Jungkook my baby

Same vibe

Taehyung’s shocked expression at getting the answer correct

Jin’s mood in all this episode, relatable

HopeKook moment

Jimin’ full body laugh

Fanart just because

Jimin cute moments

We live for Yoongi’s little dances

Taehyung’s cute moments

Jimin and the floor, besties

And of course JungKook’s tatoos

Watch full episode HERE

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