“#3JIsBACK” Currently Trending At #1 Worldwide After “Butter” ft. Megan The Stallon Performance by JungKook, Jimin & j-hope

“BTS always dominate twitter trends and after the Butter” ft. Megan Thee Stallon Performance by the 3J (JungKook, Jimin and j-hope it was no different. The three dancers’ unit name took the #1, #2 and #3 positions on twitter worldwide #3JIsBack is trending at no. 1 with over 200K tweets, #3JComesToDominateWithHisDance trending at no. 2 with over 150K tweets, while #3JISComing takes the third spot with over 60K tweets.

Other trending topics include 3J BEST SUB UNIT, #The 3J, #withAmazingMegan, hobi, hoseok, jimins, jungkook, PARK JIMIN among other trends

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