BTS Members Beautiful Wishes For RM’s 2021 Birthday Will Leave You Soft

“It’s another birthday for BTS’ leader, RM and the members have been showering him with birthday wishes. Jin was the first one to wish him a happy birthday on Weverse, then SUGA wished his a happy birthday on Twitter, j-hope wished him a happy birthday by posting several pictures and video clips, V also wished him a happy birthday with a video clip. The other members have yet to send their wishes as the day has just began.

BTS Jimin

Each and everyday where hyung exists is the birthday”


“Namjoon I’m the man too HBD #rmv bro

BTS j-hope

“Namjoon happy birthday….ah I feel like I’ve posted these…. #WeGotJoonieVerse


“Our leader happy birthday! my friend who has been together with me for over ten years! happy birthday” #NamjoonHBD #ItsSugaHyung #YouWorkedSoHard #LetsGoForAnotherTenYears


Namjoonah Happy birthday to you…

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