These Cute BTS RM’s Birthday Tweets From 2013 to 2021 Will Make You Love BTS Even More!

RM’s 2013 birthday

“BTS’ RM (Kim Nam-joon) is celebrating his birthday today 12th September 2021 and members, the world and fans have been wishing his a “happy birthday” It has been quite a journey and we have seen this immensely talented BTS rapper, composer, song writer philanthropic and produceer grow right before our eyes. Both he and his band members have been wishing him a happy birthday since they debuted in 2013. The members always celebrate RM’s birthday with cute messages.

As we celebrate this one of a kind, brave, intelligent, hard working and beautifil soul, lets go down memory lane and see beautiful fun messages that they posted for his birthday

2013 birthday messages

2014 birthday mesages

2015 birthday messages

2016 birthday messages

2017 birthday messages

2018 birthday messages

2019 birthday messages

2020 birthday messages

2021 birthday messages

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