British Rockband ‘Coldplay’ Confirms Collaboration With BTS On New Single

“British rock band, Cold Play has officially confirmed they will be collaborating with South Korean band BTS on a new single. On 13th September 2021, Coldplay dropped the teaser image for their upcoming single “My Universe,” to feature BTS. The single date of releases as been set to be on 24th September 2021. According to the purchase information, “My Universe” will be available as a limited edition two-track CD single (The two tracks are “My Universe” and the instrumental version.) and a special addition where the inside cover will include a reproduction of handwritten lyrics by both bands Coldplay and BTS. hhhah

Coldplay are set to release their New album ‘Music Of The Spheres’ on Friday, October 15th 2021 which will feature their collaboration with BTS

BTS have covered Cold Play’s song “Fix You” during their appearance at MTV’s Unplugged. BTS even recently had a sit down with Chris Martin for a chat about their song Permission to Dance and other topics. This is set to be the biggest collaboration of the years as BTS have been fans of Cold Play as V once talked about loving to do a collaboration with the band which is now coming true.

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