BTS Release “Youth Today” Messages Ahead Of Their UN Speech At The UN General Asembly


“BTS were appointed as the ‘Special Presidential Envoy for Future Generations and Culture’ in July by the South Korean President. In a statement, the Presidential Office stated that, “We anticipate that BTS, who has been spreading message of hope and positive energy to fans around the world, will take a significant role in representing S. Korea as the Special Presidential Envoy in the COVID-19 period.” On 13 September 2021 through their official Twitter handle, BTS released messages on how the past 2 years of the pandemic has affected their lives.

Each BTS member wrote about their experiences in the last 2 years and how they have maneuvered the pandemic and all its restrictions. With the hashtags #YouthToday and #YourStories

BTS RM (That’s how we live (C’est la vie)

I pursued the ideal but discovered the routine, and spent my time doing what I enjoyed. Are you also spending your days doing what you enjoy?”

To me who had only pursued ideal, gotten a daily life. I have resorted to read which I have been avoiding for over 3 years with this and that reason. In July of 2020, I have started regular exercise routine. I have discovered part of my inner self that I have not looked into, and was able to have wider views. I am not sure where these 2 years is going to take me in the future yet. But once again today I read, exercise, and go to my studio. That’s how I live” RM

BTS Jin (Taking it easy, Positive, Keep at it)

“Same stuff but a new mindset, I’m keeping it positive and giving it a smile. What are some positive changes that happened to you?”

The positive change that happened to me during the last 2 years experiencing the pandemic was that I got to be more at ease. Before the pandemic, there was a lot of work and was frustrated by all the schedules. Since the time was limited and a lot to prepare… Of course, it’s still busy and there are lot to prepare, but after having hard time from the pandemic and reorganizing my mind, my mind/heart has gotten much lighter. Even if I’m doing the same work, I am working with a different kind set, so I was able to work while smiling more. I want to live more positive, in the future as well “Jin

BTS SUGA (Were the past two years like for you?)




BTS j-hope

“I tried to change with different styles, different hair colors, and the results gave me new energy and motivation for my day! What about you?” j-hope

BTS Jimin (What brought you some of your big changes?)

“Watching the scenery on my runs and working up a sweat brought lots of changes for me. I stopped overthinking and changed to become more positive!” Jimin

BTS V (What are you looking forward to?)

“It’s been a long time since I’ve been able to travel, but I go through the pictures I’ve taken and look forward to my future travels!” V

BTS JungKook

“I made some simple hobbies for myself for these changing times. Did you pick up any new hobbies?”

“After COVID came to existence, the word ‘contactlesshas gotten used to. It’s hard to meet friends, acquaintances, even family. So these days using chatting programs, I’ve been chatting, listening to music, playing games and watching movies with people. It actually more fun than expected. The present where contactless has been used to, hope many people can be able to make small hobbies that are not cautious or dangerous ” JungKook

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