“joon” & “joonie” Currently Trending Worldwide After BTS’ RM Hosts A Belated Birthday VLIVE

“September 13th 2021 BTS’ RM went live on VLIVE to celebrate his belated birthday with ARMY. His birthday was on 12th September and he received lots of wishes from fans, celebrities and even his fellow BTS members. During the Live Stream RM poured out his honest feelings and laid out his heart talking about how the current situation of the pandemic has been and how he is overcoming and facing all the hardships. During the VLive RM said that Jin assembled the bike but Jin went on Weverse to refute the claim saying that he only added the basket, so he must have been watching the VLive with ARMY too

“sorry, i thought i would have lots to say because its my birthday but i think the most interesting thing i had to say was jins bicycle present… jin hyung bought it two weeks ago and put it together today. he said he tried to make it as similar as he could to ‘ddareungie’* so im so touched” RM

Jin went on Weverse to refute the claim

“no, I wouldn’t go as far as assembling the bike but I just attached the basket at the front Namjoon-ah;” Jin

ARMY were excited to see the live which ended up trending “joon” and “joonie”


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