Chris Martin Explains Why BTS Was The Perfect Artist For Their Upcoming Song “My Universe” 

“Coldplay’s Chris Martin sat with Kelly Clarkson on her show and talked about his upcoming single with BTS. The two mega artists will be releasing a single on 24th September and the single has already received massive support from ARMY who sold out the pre save CD singles which led to a restocking of the CDs. Chris Martin had earlier interviewed BTS about their song Permission to Dance and BTS have also covered Coldplay’s “Fix You” song. The two artist have respect for each other and j-hope even spoke about how attending a Coldplay concert back in 2017 influenced him.

“It’s called ‘My Universe,’ and you did it with BTS, right? I love that. I love that you’re working with BTS” Kelly Clarkson asked

We really don’t believe in any boundaries or separation of anything really, and so the song ‘My Universe’ is about someone being told they can’t love a certain other person, or can’t be with this race, or they can’t be gay – whatever it might be.” Chris Martin

“And we thought, it would be good to sing this with BTS because maybe we’re not supposed to be together. And it turned out to be one of the most fun things ever. I went to Korea to be with them, it’s been amazing” Chris Martin

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