Coldplay & BTS Talk About Their Experiences Working Together in New “Inside My Universe” Documentary

“BTS have released the behind the scenes of the making of “My Universe” which they have collaborated with Coldplay. “My Universe”was officially released on 24th September with impressive reception and had its first live performance during the Global Citizen Live event. In a 20 minute video, the documentary is showing clips of the members recording their parts in the song, having fina and talking about how the whlole experience has been for them

“It’s been very cool to see each character and meet each perspnality and see how everyone’s very individual but they still work as a group” Chris Martin

“I really loved the theme ‘Not alone but together’ I hope this song has a positive impact on people” V

“I saw Chris Martin close his eyes and sing along with such a happy smile. It was a genuine look that came from his heart” JungKook

“He’s (Chris Martin) beyond just a legendary singer, he impacts others for the better with his positive mindset, he is so admirable” Jimin

“When we get to have a concert again it’ll be not just touching but overwhelming” SUGA

“He often does concerts in large stadiums. So many of the songs he makes would be perfect for stadium concerts” Jin

“I wrote the lyrics while picturing the day we reunite with ARMY. This song should definitely be dedicated to ARMY” RM

“I belive this song could bring great joy to many people. You’re the one who created my universe” j-hope

Watch the full documentary

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