BTS’ JungKook’s “Greeting Fairy” Moment During Their Interview With ABC’s News Anchor Juju Chang Has ARMY Proud Of The Main Vocalist’s Respectful Nature

“Jungkook is always praised for his manner hands, showing respecting towards women, and their personal space. Besides being known for his handsome looks and a large repertoire of talents, Jungkook is also known to have a very polite attitude and nature. The main vocalist in BTS is always in the spotlight when greeting people. He bends his body up to 90 degrees and earned the nickname: ‘Greeting Fairy.’ The name started trending when they were at the airport leaving for New York. As soon as they appeared and they were walking amidst the crowd of people and the press, Jungkook greeted them by bowing 90.°

Jungkook bowing almost 90° while shaking hands with ABC News anchor Juju Chang

During concerts or even at the airport JungKook will always excitedly greet the crowd and always bows showing his respect for them. Bowing while greeting people is one of the kinds of ways in Korean custom which is a show of high respect.

JungKook bowing to the press and those at the airport in greeting

We love JungKook’s respect for everyone around him and even his fans

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