BTS Releases “BTS In The Soop” Season 2 Preview Photos, Here’s How To Pre Order The Season

“BTS In The Soop is upcoming in the month of October and ARMY is eagerly awaiting the second season to start. The concept of the show revolves around the band taking a break from their busy lives in the city and heading to a more peaceful, remote location for one week to spend time doing activities that are “between daily life and leisure”. They have no structured schedules and are free to pursue various hobbies with minimal contact from the production staff. Season one premiered on August 19, 2020, on JTBC. Season two was announced on October 1, 2021, and is slated for release on October 15.

Here is how to preorder for the show

#In_the_SOOP BTS ver. S2 Preview Photo


✔️10월 15일부터 매주 금요일 공개

     ➡️JTBC : 밤 9시(KST)

     ➡️Weverse : 밤 10시(KST)

✔️Premiere on Oct 15 10PM(KST)

🎫Pre-order NOW!

In Season One Episode 1 titled “Excited to Begin” The episode opens with interview footage filmed three months prior to the start of the series. The production staff inform BTS about the new show and collect ideas from the members about what they want (food items, games, sporting equipment, a fish tank with live fish to make sashimi etc.) in preparation for their stay.

The video then cuts to the band getting ready to leave Seoul. They drive to a large scenic pension property located near Bukhan River that contains three separate houses. After exploring the grounds (outfitted with all the things they requested), the members select their rooms and play table tennis, while Suga and Jungkook cook Jjapaguri with steak for lunch. They unpack their grocery supplies for the week and spend the rest of the day relaxing.

We look forward to the members relaxing and showing more of their fun side. They deserve the rest

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