BTS Meeting Megan Thee Stallion In Person Is Totally Wholesome & We’re Here For All The Cuteness!

“We finally got it! the Bangtan Bomb that we were manifesting and hoping that we would have has finally landed. BTS meeting with Megan Thee Stallion in person. When BTS travelled to New York, USA for their UN diplomatic activities, they had time to indulge in leisure activities and they even ended up meeting the American rapper in person. They both shared the pictures of them together and ARMY were in love with the selfies. On 8th October 2021, BTS shared those cute moments when the two artists met. BTS were excited to meet Megan as she was to meet them. They shared cute moments where they talked about BTS speech at the UN, and of course the 3J Butter performance and even attempted the hand gestures in the performance until they got it and were all excited.

BTS were completely whipped for Megan’s dog that j-hope said reminded him of Holly, his dog. It was just wholesome seeing them together and we hope that they shot a music video which is a stretch since they were not in New York for long or we hope that a music video will drop one of these fine days!

V, Jin, RM and SUGA being taught by Jimin the hand movements in the butter remix by the 3J

BTS and Megan learning the hand movements in the BUTTER remix performance

BTS and Megan’s dog

Watch their full reactions

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