Kenyan BTS ARMY On South Korea’s KBS News Singing BTS’ Songs & Talk Why They Learnt Korean


“It is amazing how 7 men from a far away country inspired fans from another far away country. BTS’ music has the power to connect people regardless of language barrier. The lyrics, messages and meaning behind all their songs has always beem what draws fans from around the globe. In their music, you can see BTS’ sincerity and love for their craft, their hard work always shines through in every video the produce.

Almost every fan always has the same story “I just wanted to know their names” and then its down the BTS rabbit hole they go. In celebration of “Hangul Day,” national Korean commemorative day marking the invention of Hangul, KBS featured fans from different countries learning Korean and in the news Kenyan ARMYs were extensively featured. They showed the Kenyan fans singing “MIC Drop” “Life Goes On” “IDOL” and doing the BTS fanchant and singing Happy Birthday JungKook in Korean.

A fan even said that she is learning Korean because she wants to understand more the BTS songs. From South Korea 🇰🇷 to Kenya 🇰🇪 BTS really is changing lives and inspiring people to learn about Korean culture and music

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