Our Best Unforgettable “VHope” (j-hope and V) Moments Of “In The Soop” Season Two

“In The Soop BTS version has been a healing place for fans as they get to enjoy cute, funny, fun moments as the members of the biggest band in the world relax and enjoy each other’s company. j-hope and V have a really close relationship and their moments In The Soop have always been cute and endearing. In the Soop season one, we got “VHope” (V and j-hope) cute ‘date’ moments when they drove and had a mini picnic enjoying burgers and jamming to the American singer’ “Surfaces” song. They even got a shout out from them for jamming to their song.

In the second season of In The Soop we got VHope once again being in their own world jamming to music. V played the trumpet while j-hope danced in the swimming pool. V then joined j-hope splashing water with the hose with a background of their song “So What!” It was fun watching the vocalist and rapper let go and enjoy their surroundings. j-hope even said

“The best thing about “In The Soop” is that here, I can rest in a way I don’t usually. I can let go of a lot of things and bring out my inner child to have fun freely without being cautious of anyone around me here. It’s hard to do that in my daily life, but it’s possible here. That makes a huge difference in my head and in my life. I feel like I just let go of myself and enjoyed myself freely without having to get anyone’s permission or anyone stopping me. I really found that aspect great. “ j-hope

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