BTS Celebrate 4 Years Of Their “LOVE MYSELF” Campaign With Touching & Nostalgic Messages

BTS LOVE MYSELF Campaign 2017

“The “LOVE MYSELF” campaign celebrates its 4th year anniversary since it was launched by BTS, BIGHIT and UNICEF in 2017. The funds will be used to support UNICEF’s worldwide campaigns to stop child and adolescent violence for two years. The campaign started with BTS’ $500K donation with the purpose of “join hands with the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) to stage campaigns against violence toward children and teens around the world, with the hope of making the world a better place through music.” Back then ARMY participated in the donations which raised over $1M in just six months! BTS shared their heart warming messages in celebration of 4 great years


“It’s the 4th Anniversary of the LOVE MYSELF campaign with BTS, BIGHIT MUSIC and UNICEF! Thanks to everyone’s participation, it’s developed over the past 4 years into a campaign that helps children and teenagers around the world. We sincerely thank everyone who has been a part of it. We believe that you will all continue to be part of the journey for this great campaign “ RM

“Do you remember this hashtag (#BTSLoveMyself) that I’m holding? It’s the one we used for the first photo shoot back when we started the campaign in 2017. I brought it here again as it’s already the 4th anniversary of the LOVE MYSELF campaign.” Jimin

“As I watched this campaign give hope and comfort to people around the world along with UNICEF, I was very touched and grateful. “ Jin

“Recently, the LOVE MYSELF campaign was recorded in the official reports of UNICEF as an example of a successful campaign. We think this was possible thanks to you all.” SUGA

“It started from our question of: “Wouldn’t true love start from loving myself?” but your support made the campaign even more special. Thank you so much for listening to our message and making your voices heard.” V

“We’ve received lots of support and courage from the stories told through the LOVE MYSELF campaign. I’m excited to see the positive energy this campaign will create in the years to come. “ j-hope

“I also often read the posts with the hashtag #BTSLoveMyself that Jimin mentioned. I hope this hashtag continues to be filled with more hopeful stories in the future.” Jung Kook

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