Our Favorite Heart Warming Moments From BTS’ “In The Soop” Season 2 Episode 4

BTS members watching V and BAM (Jung Kook’s dog)

“BTS ‘In The Soop’ is always the healung that ARMY needs as well as the members themselves. Season 2 episode 4 aired on 5th October and fans got more fun, funny and cute moments. Fans had the chance to watch j-hope being spooked by Jimin as they went on a haunted house adventure, we had the members watch the Olympics games and cheer as South Korea won, of course we love to see Jung Kook and BAM cutesr moments, Jung Kook and Yoongo had mini recordibg session while Yoongi and RM gave a mini sneak preview of their new upcoming album.

The members apart from Jimin showed fans their art pieces as well. The episode was the second last episode of this season. So here are our favorite moments that BTS gave us this season on episode 4.

Of course BTS eating together

Minimoni best moments

Yoonkook making music

Members watching V with Bam

V getting Jung Kook to make him breakfast

Jin talking fondly about his members

Hobi praising Jin after he flipped the pancake

Jin’s pancake flip

Just Yoongi reading while enjoying his whiskey

JungKook taking pictures of Bam

Editors giving us a recap of JungKook’s day

Jungkook’s painting of his doberman Bam

Sneak peek of JungKook’s shoulder tatoo

BTS celebrating South Korea’s win at the Olympics

Namjoon running in the rain screamin startling Yoongi

Sneak peek of new album?

Hobi cursing “1 billion” times after Jimin scared him as they went haunted house excursion

Jung Kook and BAM moments

Compilation of Jimin In the Soop

Yoongi preparing snacks for Hobi and Jimin as they played games

Namjoon hugs In the Soop

Hobi talking about his experience at the haunted houses

The slow mo as BTS reminisce about their stay

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