BTS “In The Soop” Season 2 Final Episode Preview

“BTS In The Soop” will be having its final season next week as the members wrap up their staycation. Thr season has guven us lots of memorable moments, fron being introduced to BAM the eighth member of BTS to having more delicious recipes being shared, from jajang ramen, tteokbokki, watermelon scallops, grilled clams, seafood kalguksu, smoked duck, roasted Korean beef, pork and barbecue, croffles, different types of noodles, and pasta, everything from seafood to meat was included in this season. The members improved their foot volleyball, worked out, played in the rain amd cheered for their team during the olympics.

It has been relaxing fun time that Jin, SUGA, RM, j-hope, V, Jimin and Jung Kook have shared. We even got a preview of the members talking about a new album. It has been a great show that will be missed but added to the binge worthy list of things to do. Cheers to the next season! 🥂🍾

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