‘SOPE’ (SUGA & j-hope) Having A ‘Moment’ On Weverse & ARMY Cannot Breathe

“Our two half of our favorite rappers are having making ARMY’s hearts flutter as Hobi is every ARMY about SUGA’s hair. His orange hair was one of the unexpected reveals at the 2021 AMA’s and it seems its not only the fans who fell for his look. SUGA posted on Weverse with a cute post that said, “Artist of the Year award! no, Fan of the Year award!” and then j-hope commented with “the hair color is sexy. bro” which feels a little flirtatious and now ARMY has receipts of their ‘soulmate’ vibes and are feeling like they are third wheeling. “SOPE” is currently trending under music with fans reacting to the cute interaction

SUGA’s post on Weverse

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