BTS’ SUGA Spotted Enjoying A ‘Clippers vs Pistons’ Basketball Game In Los Angeles, Fans React With Excitement

“BTS have found a bit of time to enjoy a few activities as they prepare for their “Permission to Dance on Stage” in Los Angeles for the next two days 28th November and 29th November. A few days ago j-hope, V, Jimin and Jung Kook attended a Harry Styles concert and got to hang out with Lizzo. SUGA has enjoyed basketball even before he debuted as a member of BTS and has attended a few games in the US as well.

He was recently spotted at a Clippers vs Pistons basketball Game. A writer confirmed that indeed SUGA was at the game as he got to even greet him. While at the game, the official Clippers basketball team mascot “ChuckTheCondor” bowed to SUGA in the game. The photo was shared through an Instagram story.

“Suga from BTS was at today’s Clipper game. He kept it very low profile, but I had the chance to say hello at halftime. Was a very incredibly unexpected and cool moment today. He was in a North Face jacket, wore a beanie and mask. Don’t think I saw anyone recognize him. The only people that knew it was him were Clippers staff, because they knew hours before tipoff that he was coming. Very surreal to see a Superstar in public without being bothered.” Farbod Esnaashar (writer)

The writer even confirmed a post from an ARMY by retweeting the post showing a pixeletad image of SUGA and writing, “ARMY did some next level detective work. That’s Suga in those photos.”

The official Clippers basketball team mascot “ChuckTheCondor” bowed to BTS’ SUGA in the game vs Pistons yesterday (26th November). The photo was shared through an Instagram story. they also tweeted the same photo on 28th November.

Fans both ARMY and non fans who met SUGA at the game shared their experences

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