ARMYs Not Surviving BTS V’s Squid Game Cosplay at “Permission to Dance On Stage” LA Concert As He Trends With Over 180k Tweets

BTS’ V in Squid Game outfit

“If there is anything that BTS have mastered is how to keep ARMY entertained even during concerts. It is not enough that BTS have the most fiery choreographies and add that to their tremendous voices and you have the perfect mix of entertainment plus veins awes at how good these 7 members of BTS are. In day 3bod their “Permission to Dance on Stage” in LA, V chose to add some bit of spice and extraness to the day’s performance.

He wore a Squid Game outfit, the red suit worn by characters in the South Korean series. Squid Game has literally swept the whole world since it debuted on Netflix. ARMY have been calling for BTS to make an appearance on the show especially Jin and V. Jin as a major in actind while V having acted in the drama “Hwarang” this just reinforces that agenda.

V entered Twitter trends and unsurprisingly so did “Squid Game” as fans and celebrities alike gushes over V’s s Squid Game

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