ARMYs Surprised BTS’ Jin With An Early Birthday Gift During “Permission to Dance on Stage LA” Concert

“To say that ARMY is the best fandom in the world is an understatement! BTS’s fans are a collective positive force of nature that shows their loyalty and love to the members and the members show that love in return. ARMY always have special projects that they create whenever the members celebrate their birthdays. BTS are in Los Angeles, US for their “Permission to Dance on Stage” concert tour and tomorrow 4th December will be Jin’s birthday. But ARMY gave him an early surprise gift during the last day of the concert.

During his speech, they surprised him with an ocean of Purple Moons, which was made by cutouts made in the shape of half moons covering the ARMY bombs. He was so surprised and emotional when he saw them and even got more touched when the whole 50,000 attendees sang the birthday song for him This was too beautiful!

I’mHe admitted that he had been expecting something for his birthday but felt kind of bad when the concert was ending and there was nothing. He also said that he saw the army bombs but didn’t want to pay too much attention to them lest he looses focus on the performance. He was grateful and touched after noticing the purple moons he told ARMY he loved them

Jin’s emotional reaction to the purple moons

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