BTS’ Jimin Dominated Worldwide & US Trends At #2 and #1 Respectively On Day 3 Of “Permission to Dance On Stage” LA, US Concert

“Jimin once again dominated Twitter on day 3 of their 4 day concert in the United States at SoFi stadium. Jimin had over 11 keywords, trended in over 12 countries with a total of 22 keywords. He trended at #1 in United States and worldwide at #2 with Halsey. Jimin is a hard name to trend especially due to the high number so this time fans found a way to trend his name. Previously he always trended with “JIMIN JIMIN” on 2nd his name was written with the letters spaces out, instead of “JIMIN” it was “J I M I N” after he spelled out his name during the concert.

No matter what Twitter does to prevent the name from trending ARMY will always find a way to celebrate the worldwide IT boy. His visuals, vocals, dance style and stage presence were highly praised and celebrated.

ARMY chanting Jimin’s name

Jimin speling out his name syllable by syllable

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