BTS Members Sends Beautiful & Cherished Birthday Wishes To Jin’s 2021 Birthday

“It’s officially #JINDAY! Happy birthday Kim Seokjin! BTS members have started wishing Jin a happy birthday with SUGA being the first one to send him birthday wishes with his iconic #ItsSuga. Whenever he wishes the younger members, its always #ItsSugaHyung bit since Jin is now his Hyung he just added #ItsSuga. j-hope was the second member to wish his a happy birthday by sharing his HopeFilm gallery of pictures and videos of Jin. j-hope’s gallery is always filled with beautiful memories that ARMY is always grateful for because we get to see photos and even videos that we might not have seen otherwise. The other members have yet to send their messages on the social media platforms but we know they have already celebrated with hi and are still celebrating. Here are the cute messages.


happy birthday bro~! #JinBirthdayCongrats #ItsSuga #ShouldCongratulateYouInKoreanDate #SincerelyCongratsCongrats


 the camera itself is not able to show how handsome he is. our hyung happy birthday #OurDecemberAngel #Seokjinah_HappyBirthday #WorldwideHandsomeDay #Hopefilm

always a face that will give satisfaction #WWH our hyung, happy birthday. I love you hyung!!Let’s be healthy!! #HappyBirthdayJin #Seokjinah_Happy_30th_Birthday #HAPPYJINDAY


jiwan happy birthday

#Seojinah_Happy_30th_Birthday #HAPPYJINDAY!



hahahahahahaha this is the only funny photo I have of hyung in my gallery. Since all of them are handsome, I looked so hard for this

Hyung I love you so much and happy birthday hyung happy birthday #JIMIN #JinnieHappyBday




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