BTS’ V Thanks ARMY For Allowing Him To Have His Private Time Relaxing While in Hawaii

BTS’ V post on Weverse

“V of BTS showed his gratitude to ARMY for allowing him the space and time to relax while he was in Hawaii. BTS had been ion the US for their American Music Awards AMAs performance where they also received 3 awards, their 4 day “Permission to Dance on Stage, LA” the iHeart Radio Jingle ball performances, they also appeared on James Corden show. While three of the members came back home, V, j-hope, RM and SUGA had remained behind. On 9th December V and j-hope were the second pair to arrive in South Korea. V shared on Weverse a photo oh him with a garland around his neck. He just captioned the photo with a smiley face.

He also shared a Weverse story where he wrote in English, His writing a whole letter fully in English shows so much love and appreciation for respecting his privacy. He wrote in English so that it would not be misinterpreted or misread, Weverse sometimes interprets things that are sometimes questionable

“Thank you ARMY for pretending not to know and being considerate so that I can travel more comfortably in Hawaii and the airport (purple heart) i love you

It is good to see that fans are respecting the members’ privacy and allowing them to just have the chance to relax and rest, just be normal human beings. “GOOD JOB ARMY” and “THANK YOU ARMY” are trending as fans show their gratitude to those that V was refereeing to

Good job ARMY! I didn’t even know he was in Hawaii until he shared it himself, as it should be!”

“My heart skipped a beat when i saw his post. Damn that was some different level of pride i felt while reading it. THANK YOU ARMYS!!!”

“I’m happy, proud and thankful to those armys who’s respected his privacy. Coz giving them private space really mean so much to them. I think he really enjoy it there so much. THANK YOU ARMYS

“Armys being considerate towards boys’ personal space and they are having a happy blissful holiday the way they want it to be, Nothing can be more precious than this .. I hope we all will be this much considerate one day. THANK YOU ARMYS WE LOVE YOU TAEHYUNG”

“look how happy he is when they’re treated like how a normal person should be treated. thank you armys! we really appreciate you respecting taehyung’s privacy and making him feel comfortable.”

Thank you Armys who respect tae’s privacy y’all deserve front row tickets in every BTS concert. I hope this opens Army’s eyes who don’t know how to respect theirs privacy. when you respect their privacy and know your boundaries, the person you love will appreciate it ♥︎.”

He really shouldn’t even thank us for doing the bare minimum and let him have a comfortable time, but at the same it’s so sweet he wrote that and he know we respect them. We really had no idea, thank you armys who knew and kept it a secret.”

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