BTS’ j-hope Officially Welcomes ARMY To His Instagram Page With Cute Message

BTS’ j-hope inatagram update

“j-hope officially welcomed ARMY to his personal Instagram account by writing a sweet message to his fans. BTS opened their individual accounts and have been active on the app, some more than others. j-hope has been posting on his account sharing moments he is having fun, relaxing and just goofing off. He wrote,

Welcome to my HOPEWORLD 🌏

This was our first family trip, and it was so special and meaningful. Weather was kind of tough and not everything went smooth, but going over the photos makes me realize what a special memory it’ll be.
I heard during our trip that we’re starting our Instagram, so I tried to take even more pictures than usual because I really wanted to share them with you.
I’ll try to share some of my daily life on Instagram, and put some of my maybe cringey but still my very own emotions into it too.
Hope you like it 😉
Welcome to my HOPEWORLD 🌏
” j-hope

Fellow rapper and member RM commented on his post as well. Here are some of his pictures that he shared on that post

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