“ITS ONLY BEEN A WEEK” ARMY Reacts To How Much They Have Received From BTS Being On Instagram

“On 6th December BTS members unveiled their individual Instagram accounts and it has been an exciting time for ARMY as they have gotten the chance to experience more of BTS at a personal level with each member posting different aesthetics. JungKook and j-hope’s unique names got everyone talking, fans were endeared at JungKook asking for advice on how to use the app while j-hope and RM were the kings of Instagram. The members have all posted some more than others, V ended up breaking two Guinness world records and all tehri accounts have over 20 million followers each.

As with any milestone, major or minor, ATRMY is celebrating BTS one week anniversary on the Instagram app in amazement at how much content they have gotten in just the first week and cannot wait for the next few months or even years. “IT’S ONLY BEEN A WEEK” ended up trending together with “I CAN’T DO THIS ANYMORE” “I THOUGHT WE WERE ON A BREAK” and “LET ME BREATHE

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