BTS j-hope’s January 2022 GQ Korea Magazine Cover + ALL HD Photos

GQ: What have you gained over the past 8 years as Jung Hoseok instead of J-Hope?
J-Hope: I didn’t know what kind of person Jung Hoseok was. However, after debuting as a person named J-Hope and having a time with J-Hope, I found out that Hoseok Jung was such a person. In a way, sometimes he is cold and cold, and when he sees that part himself, he thinks, ‘Oh, I was such a person!’ I think I’ve rediscovered it. It’s something I’m so thankful for for a friend called J-Hope. It is reassuring to be able to decide how a person named Jung Hoseok should behave and live in the future.

GQ: When you think of the future, which emotion do you feel the most, excitement or fear?

J-Hope: Now, I change my mind every day. Even though I was happy, I was suddenly very depressed, and it went back and forth countless times. Not so long ago, I was afraid of many things and I seem to have had time to look back on myself as to how to get through it. The moment to meet the fans comes, and the time comes when I can reconnect the things I haven’t been able to do in the past two years, and the moment that was paused, so my fear seems to disappear. So, when I think of the future, among the excitement and the fear, these days, I would say “the excitement is great.”

GQ: ‘Chicken Noodle Soup’ has a hip-hop vibe. Were you interested in hip-hop music from an early age?

J-Hope: The first song I heard while dancing  (original song by Webster and Young Rain) was ‘Chicken Noodle Soup’. My choreography started with that song. I think that my ‘Chicken Noodle Soup’ was born thanks to such nostalgia. The music that came out when I was dancing, the music I listened to a lot was usually hip-hop from the mainland. Because I continued to listen to such music and dance, my body remembers hip-hop elements.



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