BTS Jimin’s January 2022 GQ Korea Magazine Cover + ALL HD Photos

GQ: Is there anything that you have realized while facing such unbelievable moments?
Jimin: You can’t stop just because you’re getting closer to the dream you’ve drawn or you’ve achieved it. If we had been satisfied with our first performance at the Olympic Gymnastics Stadium and said, ‘Now it’s done’, we wouldn’t have come this far. I think I was able to make changes and develop little by little because I have a constant desire to show more of what I want to do.

GQ: What are you currently greedy for or want to do well?

Jimin: I tend to set specific goals rather than abstract ones, but these days I don’t think too far. Because you never know when things will change. First of all, the most important thing is to prepare well for an offline concert to be held in two years.

GQ: Does the same song sound different depending on what clothes you are wearing? I’ve said something like this before. If you were to wear one of today’s pictorial outfits on stage, what style of song do you think would suit you?

Jimin: As soon as I saw the neat black shirt and pants I’m wearing right now, I immediately thought of ‘Black Swan’. Also, I wonder if I can try the challenging pink outfits in ‘Dynamite’ or ‘Filter’.

GQ: Can you tell me how it affects your life that the results you put out to the world have a good influence?

Jimin:  Almost everything you think, say and do is affected. Of course, these are good influences. When I give my opinion, I think about it one more time or share the good things I hear from the fans with the people around me. Also, preparing for the UN speech gave me the opportunity to think more deeply about environmental issues. I was stimulated by the fact that fans younger than me are paying more attention to environmental issues than I thought. It gave me an opportunity to reflect on what I usually do to protect the environment and whether I am properly separating collection.


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