BTS Jin’s January 2022 GQ Korea Magazine Cover + ALL HD Photos

GQ: If you search for ‘BTS Jin’ on the GQ portal, ‘Coldplay’ appears as a related search term. It was a huge issue.
Because I’m a big fan of Chris Martin. Thinking back now, the collaboration with Coldplay was amazing. It was a precious time. I really like ‘Viva la Vida’ and ‘Fix You’, and this time I got to cover ‘Fix You’! I especially liked it.

GQ: If you ask about the most memorable stage right now, can you think of just one?

Jin: Well, there it is! I did the ‘IDOL’ stage in France, and at the end of the song, I mixed an exciting rhythm instead of the original song. You usually watch us when we perform, right? But in the last part, the fans are looking at each other, not us, and dancing really fun. Having so much fun! I think I was more than happy to see that scene. It was a memorable moment for the fans to remember.

GQ: How about comparing Jin, not BTS, to a music genre while watching Jin’s stage transforming like an eight-color group every time? I thought In your opinion, which area do you think is most similar to dance, pop, or jazz?

Jin: If you look at my personality, well, I think it’s close to an infinitely light and exciting genre, disco? I think it’s closer to a disco.

GQ: What kind of story would you like to tell in your solo songs?

Jin:  I’m really careful. I wouldn’t be able to write a story that I didn’t deeply empathize with. Environmental issues for example. Even if I want to make a song, on the other hand, I have to think about things like ‘Can I tell this story’ or ‘Am I a person who truly sympathizes and practices? It’s an issue that needs to be considered deeply. But there are still many important issues. Maybe someday I have a story I want to tell. It seems that making music is not an easy task.



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