BTS JungKook’s January 2022 GQ Korea Magazine Cover + ALL HD Photos

“GQ:  I was curious about this as well. Music I used to listen to when I was 14. How did the music that Jungkook listened to often changed between that time, when he started his trainee life at the age of 15, and Jungkook, who will be 26 at the beginning of the new year? 

Jung Kook: When you’re 14, you’re in the first year of middle school, wow… At that time, I remember dancing while practicing b-boying in the school dance room, singing along to the song, and practicing again. These days, I listen to the types of songs I want to work on, because I listen to good music when I hear it. I don’t know the name of the song and I can’t memorize the singer’s name, but there are a lot of songs that only remember the melody. 

GQ: If you were to draw a self-portrait, what would it look like these days?

Jung Kook: Well…. Split, cracked, hexagonal.

GQ: I think I understand why. If you can tell me in Jeongguk’s language.

Jung Kook: I always want to be perfect, I always try to go up, but I also think that I have that kind of talent, but I also think of myself as ‘I’m lazy’. I have two very contradictory tendencies. I want to go up, but at the same time I don’t want to. Hexagons are said to be the most perfect shape. But now, there is a crack. It’s not perfect. I want to be perfect, but I keep getting cracked.

GQ: What if you paint ?

Jung Kook: Gray? I think I’ll use a neutral color.

GQ: This sentence touched me in the song ‘Still With You’ written by Jungkook. “Though our steps may not match each other”. Normally, it would be cool to admit that if we were to sing together then it might not be right.

Jung Kook: I didn’t have a very cool mind, but at the time. But listening to it now, I think it might be cool. It was a difficult time because of Corona when I was writing those lyrics. Because ARMY and we couldn’t see each other. It won’t feel any farther away from each other. So our steps may not match each other, but I wanted to tell you something like that, I want to go with the ARMYs.


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