BTS’ V Visited ARMY Projects For His Upcoming Birthday

“BTS’ V recently posted several Instagram stories on his account. I those clips V is walking and posing next to some art work and a blowup figure of him next to some packages with his name “Tae” V’s birthday is coming up and with every birthday celebration, ARMY usually have several projects that they set up for the members. The places that V walked and posed at are part of his many birthday projects that have already been ongoing since the month began.

It is every fan’s happiness that the BTS members see their gifts from them in form of projects, at work and the like. Just like ARMY were so grateful that Jin was able to see their “MoonforJin” project on his birthday, the fans that set up these stations and gifts for V will be so excited to find out that he not only saw the projects but was there physically.

BTS V visiting his birthday project by ARMY
BTS V visiting his birthday project by ARMY

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