English Singer-Songwriter Matt Maltese Mentioned BTS’ V After His Instagram Post

“BTS’ V has once again shared the music that he loves on Instagram and it caught the attention of the artist he shared about. V’s Instagram account which was the fastest account to reach 30 million folowers on Instagram’s history shared a photo of Matt Maltese’ song. V at some point had a radio station show during his VLive where he recommended and played music from artists he loved. The British artists later mentioned V by posting the screen shot of V’s post on Instagram and thanked V.

Fans were excited about getting to know a new artist

“I wanna thank Taehyung coz of him I got to know about you and your songs are really amazing”

“This’s my first time to listen to this song I really like your song I love Kim Taehyung’s taste in music”

“Taehyung always recommend us just good music, his taste is and thanks to you for creating music that is pleasant to hear, you’re fantastic”

V has shared clips of classical music on his Instagram page

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