Artist-made Collection By BTS ‘Making-of Log’ “I Hope You Each Choose Something You Like” from V

“BTS’ V showcased his design process of coming up with his merchandise for the “Artist-made Collection By BTS. V’s merch pieces include Mute Boston Bag and a set of colorful Brooches (flower buddies, cloud drops and faces) V thinking about how to give personality to the items he was designing, that is a designers thinking, and he came up with really awesome ideas. The fun and funny part was when V had already picked the samples he wanted for the merch but the camera wasn’t rolling so the staff asked him to pretend like he was looking through it again. V is such a sport, he played along smiling in the end.

“I still want to do the Boston bag and badges that you can put on jackets or on bags. I think it’ll be easier to put on… you could carry it around everyday . I think matte green would be nice as an accent color. Badges, we could make them based on my drawings. Badges are really useful items and I think you can use them with ease whenever and wherever on a daily basis” V

“I’ve made up my mind (on badges) I’ll draw it again. I want the one on the bottom to be a bighter blue… make it look like a flower and a cloud. I like drawing cute pictures. I really like it. It’s like Andy Warhol. I think we should call it ‘Flower Series’ in English. And this one we can call ‘Cloud Series’ For these so and so Faces” V

“Can I come up with the brand name? I want it to really sound classic. Mute sounds good. I think that’s a good name. So far I’ve worked on the designs, revised the designs picked out the materials and got the samples… But it’s really high quality. It seems like we’ve launched a proper brand. It’s really great quality so I think ARMY will like love it. I hope you choose something you like and add it to your ARMY items” V

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