10+ Relatable ARMY Tweets As “2 SECONDS” Trends With Fans Reacting To How Fast BTS V’s “Mute Boston Bag” Sold Out Seconds After Being Released

“V, BTS’ vocalist sold out his “Artist-made collection by BTS” seconds after the items were released for sale. His Mute Boston bag sold out in 1 second which was experienced by a few accounts which had proof of the purchase process, while some accounts experienced the bag selling out in just 2 seconds! V is definitely setting new records left right and center and being Sold Out King is just his everyday life! “2 SECONDS” is currently trending with over 18k tweets, “SOLD OUT” trending with over 145k tweets and “RESTOCK” are currently trending as fans react to the news and are requesting BTS’ label HYBE MERCH to restock the bag.

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