BTS’ Jung Kook Holds Record For Most Followed Korean Soloist on Spotify In First 24hrs, He Gained Over 268k New Followers Less Than 7 Hours After Opening His Personal Account

“King of SNS aka Social Media Jung Kook has broken so many record in a single day, but it is no surprise. When it comes to social media, Jung Kook leads the pack in the interest he always garners whenever he is online. He is a social influencer even without trying as he sells out products just by being seen in them or happens to talk about them. JungKook is the FIRST & ONLY Individual to hold the record of most viewed individual hashtag on TikTok when the hashtag hit 100 billion views!

Jungkook broke the record for the solo song with the most #1 iTunes in its first 24 hours, with “Stay Alive” which was produced by fellow band member SUGA, reaching 87 #1.

Jungkook’s “Stay Alive” (Produced by Suga) is the “FIRST Korean Song” to reach #1 on US, UK, Japan, Australia, France, Germany and Netherlands on iTunes in 2022.

With the release of “Stay Alive” OST for BTS’ Webtoon “7FATES:CHAKHO” Jung Kook’s spotify account was also opened with the addition of the song on his profile. The Spotify account gained 268,195 new followers in just over 6 hours after his account was opened. So he has added another record of being the Most followed Korean Soloist in the first 24hours on Spotify platform

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