Is BTS Collaborating With “NIKE?” Here’s Why Fans Are Excited Trending The Brand With Over 105k Tweets

BTS’ RM on Instagram

“BTSxNIKE collaboration? BTS ARMY’s are theorists and so far most of their theories have come to pass over the years. There are aegle eyes fans who never miss anything when it comes to BTS. They will notice a missing member on an article, will notice moments during concerts that other fans may miss, they will get clues to comebacks and album releases and not surprising what they noted will come to pass.

A photo of South Korea’s Influencer Marketing Director for NIKE surfaced plus BTS wearing items (shoes, shirts, beenies etc) that had the NIKE logo has led to excited epeculatoon about a BTSxNIKE collaboration dropping soon.


Twitter User @hoyafilter even recreated some BTSxNIKE collection series

Another fan created a butter themed version

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