ARMY’s “namjoon is your boyfriend” and “he’s waiting for you” povs Photo That Went Viral Included in “Permission to Dance” Anywhere

Does BTS have a secret stan tweet account? Question on every ARMY’s mind, everytime they notice something in BTS’ content that has originated from the fans. BTS recently released “Permission to Dance” anywhere, where the members are showcasing different locations, adding moments, places, memories and pictures while dancing to their new Billboard hit song.

BTS’ Namjoon Craved Hotteok, We Got OT7 Selcas Enjoying the Sweet Snack

“Namjoon shared on Weverse him searching pictures of “Hotteok” (Sweet Korean Pancakes), he was craving the sweet snack. Big Hit staff bought the snack for them and then V shared Selcas of the members, Jungkook, Suga, Jimin and Jungkook. RM and Jin also later shared their moment of enjoying the sweet snack. It was good…