WATCH BTS Perform “Film Out” On NTV’s Music Blood

BTS had their second live performance of their Japanese hit song co-written by Jung Kook, “Film Out” The song broke several Japanese, YouTube and international records when it debuted. “Film Out” is a track that is part of their Japanese Album.

BTS Set To Perform “Film Out” and “Butter” Live On CDTV

BTS are going to be performing “Film Out” on TBS’ CDTV Live! Live next week on 6th June 2021, the show is set to start at 9pm (JST) and “Butter” the following week on 21st June 2021. It’s BTS’ first live performance of “Film Out” on television.

BTS’ Most Viewed Music Videos In The Past 24 Hours, 2nd May

BTS’ “Dynamite” is still the reigning champion when it comes to their most viewed videos in the last 24 hours. “Don’t” released just 2 days ago single by eAeon ft. RM is still trending on YouTube and it takes the number 2 spot on the list. BTS’ music video has amassed several billion views making…