BTS’ “Dynamite” is This Week’s Billboard Top Selling Songs, Maintains Top 50 on Billboard Hot 100 Charts

“Dynamite” BTS’ all english track is the biggest seller at no. 1 on Billboards top selling songs chart. The tropical disco track set its record breaking streak since it debuted on 21st August 2020. Big Hit recently released “Dynamite” Christmas remix version tha was just in time for the holidays.

According to Forbes BTS sold a quarter of a million copies in its first week in the US after being released. “Dynamite” is quickly becoming the song of 2020 as its message was simple, bring a little hope, light and brightness in a darkened world. The music video has already surpassed 700 million views on YouTube setting and breaking many records on its wake. The song takes no 44 on this Week’s Billboard Hot 100.

WATCH the music video that made 2020 a better year

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