BTS’ V Reveals The One Thing That Was Uncomfortable About Dorm Life On BTS’ “You Quiz On The Block” Show

Twitter/ Jk_mytimeee

On 24th March, BTS appeared on the South-Korean TV variety show “You Quiz On The Block” where they had various segments and had one on one sessions and also answered some questions from the hosts. V said he once called his dad and told him that he wanted to give up (being a trainee) because he was so tired, and so his dad told him that it was okay if he wanted to do that because there are lots of other jobs out in the world.

“I couldn’t see my family very much. My father & mother, lived on Geojaedo Island, Round trip, it takes 12 hours. My dad & mom would come to see me for 30 minutes. I cried & felt so sad”

“At that time, they would buy several banana milk and bread, and they would give to me, telling me to eat it together with the other members, pack your meals since there was no time to eat together”

“After it happened once or twice”

Full interview

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