A New BTS Themed Eatery Opened in Mumbai, India, “Bang Tan Shefs” Restaurant Celebrating The Worldwide Superstars

A new cozy BTS themed restaurant was opened in Mumbai that has gotten Indian ARMY excited as they will have a chance to feel a bit closer to their idols even if they are miles away in South Korea. The restaurant named “Bang Tan Shefs” was opened on 14th March and it is already a hit with many fans sharing their visits on the restaurant’s Instagram page.


The Bang Tan Shefs restaurant has a homely feel with interior decor that just invites you in with its warmth. From their Instagram highlights, you can see that the plan for the restaurant was well thought out to be attractive and have a cozy welcoming feel.

The restaurant also serves Korean meals so if you want to experience a bit of international cuisine then it’s the place to visit, both for locals and international fans and non fans alike.


The restaurant is filled with BTS Merch displays, album designs and murals on the walls where you can take photos as memoirs of your visit, perfect for any ARMY who wants memories to share with family and friends.

The decor


The restaurant even celebrated BTS Jungkook’s “Euphoria” single selling 500K Units in the US and has become legible for Gold certification


ARMY have already visited the restaurant


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