Producer Na Young-Seok’s “The Game Caterers” Will Collaborate With BTS’ “RUN! BTS” Show To Air in May

BTS will be working together with producer Na Young Suk’s “The Game Caterers” (Fifteen Nights on a Business Trip) for a special “RUN BTS!” episode. “RUN BTS!” has evolved over the years and as it has expanded, they have had more collaborations with celebrities, gamers, Olympic sports guests, a popular chef and now it is the first time BTS will be officially working together with another variety show program. The collaboration has been a long time coming and both teams are happy to have the chance to finish filming it.

“The main watching point of this business trip is the synergy of entertainment between PD Na Young-seok and BTS. BTS are expected to generously release the entertainment they have built up by challenging various games of ‘Fifteen Nights on a Business Trip’. PD Na Young-suk also raises expectations by releasing a game that makes full use of each member’s character as well as each other’s chemistry.”

The ‘RUN BTS! Collaboration episode will be released for the first time at 10:20 pm on Friday, May 7th and will have a total of 4 episodes. On the 7th, the episode will be shown on tvN and YouTube channel ‘Channel 15 Nights’ will be released for two weeks.

tvN ‘Fifteen Nights on a Business Trip’ is aired every Friday night at 10:20 for just 5 minutes. After the broadcast, the full version will be released on ‘Channel 15 Nights’ YouTube channel. Source

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