BTS Jimin’s Sweetest Messages From His Band Members for His 2021 Birthday

“It’s officially BTS Jimin’s birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY JIMIN! As is the case the other members took the time to wish him a happy birthday sharing sweet messages for his special day. Jimin turns 26 (international age) and 27 (Korean age). Jin never breaks his record as he was the first to wish Jimin a happy birthday on Weverse, and just like last year he wrote the message on paper. j-hope was the first member to wish him happy birthday on their official Twitter handle, he shared photos and videos of Jimin with the birthday hashtags and #HopeFilm. SUGA was the second member followed by RM. So far the rest of the members have not shared on social media but I am sure they celebrated with him and will still celebrate with him on his birthday.

Here are the thoughtful messages that the members shared for Jimin’s birthday


“Jimin-ah Happy Birthday


Baby G Happy Birthday


Saengil = 생일 = birthday

Chooka = 축하 = congrats


“The greedy boy Jiminah who got three mics at the same time, happy birthday”

#JiminBdayCongrats #ItsSugaHyung #YouAreNowLateTwenties

The reference to the 3 mics

BTS jhope

“hhappyy birthday to out jjiminie

#HopeFilm #Celebrating_Jimin_Day_Means_Our_Happiness_Is_Piling_Up_Ever_So_Gently_Sobok_Sobok (lyric from Jimin’s song Christmas love)






“I filmed it all (x2)

Sexy 😊




(a video of jimin dancing at the love yourself: tear version R jacket photoshoot! in the video, hobi says “ooh hey!” and another member in the background follows with “ohhh~ jimin~”)

Cutie 😍 💜💜💜




(a video of jimin dancing along to “chanel (ft. swae lee & pharrell) from jxmtro” during tear era!)

JungKook sang happy birthday during Jimin’s VLive

The 3J (j-hope, Jimin and Jungkook) reunited for Jimin’s birthday

The members love their Jimminie!

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