Another Clothing Brand Thanks BTS JungKook For Wearing Their Design Causing A Massive Positive Impact On Their Company

“Jungkook, BTS’ multi talented golden maknae is the sold out king without a doubt. His midas touch leaves with it massive impact without him having said a word. From the clothes he chooses to wear, to what he eats to songs he shares or listens to, JungKook out sells everything that comes in contact with him.

And he is concious of his power and uses it for good. All the brands that JungKook has impacted have always gone out of their way to help society in the end, from offering scholarships to donating to the poor, they have paid it foward.

One such brand is “f8kechemicalclub”. JungKook wore one of their outfits which had so much demand that they had to restock it to keep up with the orders

On 27th December, clothing brand took to Instagram to write and thank JungKook and ARMY who have supported the brand after JungKook wore their outfit causing the massive interest the brand received globally. They wrote;

Before the year we really want to share this unbelievable moment of 2021! It has been half a year since this miracle happened to a small independent brand.

Last summer JungKook wore out Khaki knit set on his VLIVE (+INTHESOOP2!) We wanted to give a special thank you to him as our brand has been shown to so many people around the world. We have received so much support and love, including heartwarming DMs from you all! There is no doubt that JK’s influence has made the brand known around the world and was a big step for us!

In addition to JK, we’ve also received love from other artists during the year. We always respect fellow artists and supporters of our brand and wanted to express our gratitude. Thank you so much again to JK, ARMY and all our supporters.

This year, we are thankful for how lucky we are, and so grateful for all the opportunities that have come our way. We accomplished so much this year including releasing new collections, magazine features and cool collabs. Like other small brands, we questioned our possibilities and capabilities many times after launching yet here we are today! We still can’t thank you enough for this power and bliss! We’ve received support from all over the world!

We hope that we can return all the love that we’ve received back, and promise that we will return with more cool designs and high quality products next year- Stay tuned! 💜🐰”

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