BTS’ JungKook Is Officially Now A Dad Of Four, Four Very Cute Dogs!


“On 1st January, JungKook posted a picture holding two cute dogs and captioned the post “#songie #paengie #song_and_paengie they’re both older hyungs to bamie” * the dogs are apparently named after two different types of mushrooms: 1. 송이버섯/songie beoseot = pine mushroom and 2. 팽이버섯/paengie beoseot = enoki mushroom. Jungkook has four dogs now, Gureum who is the family dog, BAM a Doberman who was introduced in BTS’ “In The Soop” season 2 and now two more family members have been introduced, songie and paengie who are apparently older than BAM as JungKook called them Bam’s hyungs. The two dogs are apparently his brother’s Italian Greyhounds

The Instagram already has 9 million likes and counting. JungKook also shared the pictures on his IG stories.

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