12 Times BTS’ Jin Flexed His Insane Elasticity, Proving He is The “Flexibility King”

It seems like every BTS member has a hidden talent that comes out whenever there are challenges or as you know “necessity is the mother of invention,” those talents sprout out when they need to solve something creatively. Jin has so manty times stated that his dancing is not as great as the other members, yet time and time again when you watch BTS’ music videos and performances, like mic drop, you will spot Jin hitting every move, every curve, every body roll and you will be like “what is he talking about?” He’s just too good. As tall as Jin is, he is the second tallest after RM, you’d think that he would be stiff, but how wrong would you be?

If there is one thing that Jin is effortlessly, subconsciously, perfectly good at, is that Jin is ridiculously flexible! sometimes you might think that he has no bones, or his bones are made of Jell-O. Jin does the craziest stunts that show how liquid his body control and movements are, he can touch his head with the back of his heels, he can walk backwards, he can bend without effort and spring back up like, a spring, literally.

With no effort or strain whatsoever!

Jin’s balance is amazing and he can maintain a posture for long without seeming to get tired of the hold. During one of BTS’ Bon Voyage Episodes, Jin was walking through an obstacle course with J-Hope being the camera and hype man. One of those obstacles were chains on either side that you had to walk through, at some point the chains started moving apart as Jin walked, causing him to do some mid air 180 degrees splits. Jin kept his balance and managed to finish the course leaving J-Hope awed and admitting that Jin is the most flexible member of BTS – if dance leader J-Hope says that, then you cannot argue with that, so, We agree!

Jin’s flexibility in motion during Bon Voyage outing

In one of the concerts, V decided that his Hyung’s chest was the best place to do some thinking, so he leaned into his chest and Jin bent over so low, you’d be afraid that he would fall back, but after a few seconds he stood back up like nothing happened. How does he do that? We need proof with receipts that Jin has extra bones!

Here are 11 ways that BTS’ Jin has flexed his insanely, unbelievably good flexibility that leave ARMY awed every single time!

1.Jin got up from the ground without using his hands, only his legs, the upper body strength that you need for this, Jin is out of this world good!

2. Jin can touch the tips of his feet on his head

3. Jin sitting with one foot and one hand like this, the muscle strength!

4. He can do a bridge walk and get back up like it is nothing, same BTS, SAME!

5. He sprung back up after being pushed without touching the ground, even BTS members were shook! This never gets old.

6. Jin with his arms behind his back bends so effortlessly and further than the other members

7. Jin stretching himself before bed time

8. Jin being stretched backwards by J-Hope and Jungkook

9. Jin twirls perfectly and lands so softly with both his hands behind his back

10. Jin bent so far when V laid his head on his chest, then he got back up effortlessly

11. Jin balances so well during dance practice as he glides on the floor

12. He was insane for THAT posture!

His body is just too flexible

Let’s see BTS’ level of flexibility

So we can conclude that Jimin, Jin and Jungkook, in that order are the most flexible. Then J-Hope, V, RM and Suga, in that order are the least flexible. Though I know J-Hope as a long term dancer can do the splits, he is also another one with questionable bones, where he dances like liquid! These poses were done when they were just starting so maybe some have moved up the ladder as the years have gone by and they started working out.

Much respect to our Flexibility King Kim Seok-jin!

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