BTS’ Kim Seok-jin As Greek Sculptures, The Beautiful Depictions You Did Not Know You Needed

The Greeks decided very early on that the human form was the most important subject for artistic endeavor. Seeing their gods as having human form, there was little distinction between the sacred and the secular in art—the human body was both secular and sacred.

As with pottery, the Greeks did not produce sculpture merely for artistic display. Statues were commissioned either by aristocratic individuals or by the state, and used for public memorials, as offerings to temples, oracles and sanctuaries (as is frequently shown by inscriptions on the statues), or as markers for graves. Statues in the Archaic period were not all intended to represent specific individuals. They were depictions of an ideal—beauty, piety, honor or sacrifice.

BTS’ Jin is the iltimate visuals King! He did not call himself “Worldwide Handsome” Jin for nothing. Jin is astonishingly beautiful and he has the perfect facial features to make you halt and look again.

He is sculpted to perfection and is so effortlessly good looking you’d almost believe that he came straight out of an anime character. Everything about him is art in motion!

His side profile

His lips

His worldwide shoulders

His waist

His hands

His face

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