BTS’ SUGA Shared His Playlist Of Songs He Likes To Listen To Before Going To Bed on BigHit Music Record On Melon Station

<BIGHIT MUSIC RECORD > Sugar edition open! A 7-color playlist for each BTS member Let’s find out the members’ music tastes! In this week Melon Station ‘BigHit Music Record’ with SUGA, he introduced some calm songs, songs that he like to listen before going to sleep. SUGA’s playlist,

1.얼음연못 2. Kiss The Rain 3. Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence 4. 치히로의 왈츠 5. A Flower Is Not A Flower 6. Rain 7. Time 8. Romance (Reminiscence)

“What did you think of the playlist I introduced? I like pop, guitar, and rock music and all, but these days, I think I’m spending more time listening to instrumental tracks. I used to sometimes listen to when I was young. I wanted to share some new-age songs I liked – actually, there are more I enjoy, but I narrowed them down to songs that might be more well known by many people. “

“You must love music by us, BTS, as well as a lot of other music but I thought it would be nice for you to listen to these calming songs once in a while.”

On BTS’ BigHit Music Record, starting with RM, we’ve been sharing our playlists in order – which member will be next?

“If I may give a slight hint, this member is very, very, very handsome. I will play this as the last song. This is a song that a lot of Koreans have heard somewhere but go, “ahh, I can’t remember the song title!” But they can figure it out later on when the melody plays.”

“I will play Yuhki Kuramoto’s “Romance”. Now, I will say goodbye for real. Please give lots of love to BTS’ “Butter”. Also, we will meet you again with new music, so please look forward to it. This was SUGA from BTS. Bye!!” SUGA

Open his playlist and listen to the beautiful songs

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